87 out of 100, from 10 reviews

Amazing customer service that saved my small condo from looking like a nursery!

I stumbled into Colorhouse because it was only a few blocks away from my condo. What I found inside was a passionate company that has created an amazingly environmentally friendly product. To top it all off they had one of the most customer friendly teams I've ever met. I am not an experienced painter nor was I attempting to do a very large project but the Colorhouse team was truly amazing in helping me through the process. Lynn Morgan in customer service was my panting angel and if she hadn't guided me through the process my entire place would have looked like a kids nursery! I'm so please with how the project turned out and I couldn't be more thankful for Lynn and the Colorhouse team! I definitely will pass you details to anyone in need of an amazing project and great customer service. Thanks again! Oliver

Colorhouse is the best!

What's not to like about Colorhouse Paints. They are eco friendly, come in an amazing array of colors for any palette.They are a dream to work with.Their customer service is top notch and are more than happy to help. I really can't say enough good things about the product and the company. These are the best paints on the market and we are proud to use them on our products.

Great quality paint!!!

I'm a one coat paint snob. So I like good quality paint. Wasn't sure at first if this was going to be it, since I was going with a lighter paint over a mid-blue color. But it dried beautifully and only had to do a few touch ups over some of the brush strokes. The quality is really outstanding. Will definitely be using again.

Great Paints and Great Service

I've really enjoyed working with Colorhouse paints in my apartment. I also appreciate their "color nerds" steering me in the right direction!

Great coverage and no smell!

By far the best paint I've purchased. I recently purchased Aspire .01 (a very light yellow) for a wall in our bedroom. The walls are a dark brown and I was concerned I needed primer as well before putting on the Colorhouse paint. After talking with their Color Help team, they said primer wouldn't be necessary but I would need a couple coats. Skeptical but trusting, I painted the wall without primer. I was excited to see two coats covered the wall easily and covered the dark brown without issue. A bonus was that there was hardly any smell while painting, and when it dried you couldn't tell the room had been painted at all! I've painted many rooms with other brands in the past and have always needed to air out the room for days to get the fumes out. Not with Colorhouse! I definitely recommend Colorhouse paint to anyone.

Colorhouse Color Studio

When we moved to Portland, Oregon, we were determined to live a different kind of life, leaving behind the high-stress NYC life. We wanted to focus on the outdoors and all that the Northwest has to offer. As part of the shift, we started a painting business called YOLO Paint. We created custom paint finishes, mixed custom colors, painted murals, and installed plaster finishes for customers in Portland and up and down the West Coast.

We saw many of our customers stressing out over choosing color for their spaces. As artists who are passionate about color, we were determined to take the fear out of color choosing and make it simple and more fun. That’s how the original palette (The Earth’s Color Collection) of 49 colors was created, by being in client’s homes and working with designers and homeowners and mixing custom colors on the spot. All the colors were designed and tested on architecture and are designed to be harmonious throughout the space.

Because we were breathing, touching, and working with paint everyday, we became concerned (and a bit obsessed) about what was in the water-based paints we were using. As time went on, we began feeling grumpy at the end of our workdays with headaches and sore throats. This motivated us to research paint in more detail.

As we looked into what was in paint, we learned that there were a lot of toxic chemicals, even in the water-based paints we were using. Our search for healthier paint options pointed us to the vibrant green building community – a grassroots community that is about sharing knowledge and pushing the envelope on building materials that are better for us and the planet.

We learned how to make our own paint with clay and rice paste. As artists we loved this process, but for our business it was costly, time consuming, and unpredictable to offer clients. As painters, paint quality and performance are very important to us. We started talking to chemists, both paint chemists and green chemists, about building a paint formula that had the performance qualities we wanted as painters, without all the chemicals found in traditional paints. This is where the adventure of Colorhouse (formerly YOLO Colorhouse) began, and it has been enriching our lives with amazing people, healthier options, and beautiful color ever since! We truly believe the world can be more colorful and less volatile.

Virginia Young and Janie Lowe