Tufenkian carpets
In celebration of our new Handcrafter Color Collection, we have partnered with companies that specialize in the making of handcrafted items for the home. Our WOOL color family honors the work of weavers and knitters. Tufenkian Carpets preserves the traditional craft of Tibetan rug-making through the handwork of skilled craftspeople in Nepal and Armenia.

Colorhouse Handcrafter Color Collection palette - WOOL color family - blues

Tufenkian’s process begins with wool from Tibetan sheep raised in the Himalayan and Caucasus mountains. Tibetan sheep produce wool considered the finest in the world for rug-making. In order to protect the fibers of the wool, Tufenkian washes their wool gently in local rivers and streams without the use of harsh chemicals. Separated by natural variations in color, Tibetan wool is then brushed (a technique called carding) to get it ready for spinning.

Tufenkian carpets - wool processing

Once dyed, skilled craftspeople weave rugs from full-size patterns into specific Tufenkian designs. Usually four to five craftspeople work on one 9’ x 12’ rug that is made from up to 1.5 million knots. To complete one Tufenkian rug of this size can take 3,000 hours of human labor!

Colorhouse and Tufenkian carpets - WOOL .03