Colorhouse DIY Watercolor Wall - drip technique in a blue bedroom

Move through the summer heat to the water.

Layers of transparent blues create a cool and refreshing interior. Combine different shades of blue in the same space for a monochromatic look that mimics the gentle swells of the ocean with WOOL .06, WATER .04, and BISQUE .06.

In love with this Watercolor Wall technique? Learn how to do this simple DIY here.

Colorhouse Rough Edge Wall DIY painting project - WOOL .06 blue living room

WOOL .06: A tweak on the classic navy. A drop of white makes this color softer and more livable. Partner with bright white on ceilings and trim for a more traditional vibe, or combine it with a modern couch like we did here for a contemporary twist on classic.

Colorhouse Rough Edge Wall DIY painting project - WATER .04 blue entry

WATER .04: A medium blue that is not too cool. The color of sea and sky, this hue pairs perfectly with natural materials. Try using it as backdrop for your beachcombing treasures like driftwood, sand dollars, and beach glass.

Colorhouse paint - BISQUE .06 light blue entry

BISQUE .06: A light grey with a touch of blue, this hue reflects the beauty of bisqueware – soft and powdery like unglazed pottery. Use this gentle hue in entryways and hallways, anywhere that you want to move easily through a space.

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