Our expert tips and tricks for how to use chalkboard paint.

Colorhouse Chalkboard Paint projects

Colorhouse Chalkboard Paint can turn any flat surface into a destination for creativity and fun! Available in 10 striking Colorhouse hues, there’s no need to feel like your chalkboard must be basic black.

To use this awesome product successfully, here are 7 Pro Tips to make sure you get the best results.

1) Start with a smooth surface. Since you’ll be writing and drawing on your chalkboard, a smooth surface is a must.
2) Prep. Like any painting project, proper surface preparation is the key to the best finish. Clean, dry and dull is the general idea. Sand glossy surfaces, clean any dirt, and allow to dry. Spackle surface imperfections. Caulk cracks and gaps. Be sure to protect floors and mask areas to protect from paint.
3) Prime if necessary. New wood and new drywall should be primed before painting for a uniform appearance, and good adhesion. If the surface is in sound condition, and has been previously painted with a water-based paint, there’s no need to prime.
4) Apply the first coat. Use an angled brush and ½” nap roller. Allow to dry 8 hours. Don’t rush this part! Allow ample drying time between coats for best performance.
5) Apply the 2nd coat. Allow to dry for 48 hours before using your new chalkboard surface.
6) Season the surface. Before using your new chalkboard the first time, rub the entire surface of your new chalkboard with the side of a piece of chalk. Dry erase. Chalk residue can be removed with a damp cloth once the paint has cured for 7 days. Repeat rubbing the surface with chalk and dry erase before using again.
7) Unleash the creativity!