Our expert guide to the essential tools for your interior painting project.

When you’re ready to paint, the last thing you need is to run back to the store AGAIN for forgotten supplies, or make 20 trips to the garage to get the tools you need to get started! Use this handy list of essentials for most interior paint projects.

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Colorhouse Painting Essentials Printable Checklist

Here are some helpful links you might need:
How much paint do you need? Use our handy paint calculator.
How long do you wait between coats? Do you need to prime? Check out our Product Data Sheets.
What type of brushes or rollers do you need? Get recommendations on our Right Tools for the Job blog.

We’re here to help — except with the painting part!! If you have questions, need a recommendation, or are not sure when to use primer, email our experts .

Happy Painting!