Inspired by Rejuvenation’s Faceted Butte Pendant, this geometric pattern pieces together FLINT .01, FLINT .03, and DENIM .03 from the Mercantile Color Collection. The Mercantile Color Collection is made up of 36 timeless, harmonious hues.

To get this DIY party started, you will need the following:
1 gallon CHALK .01 eggshell
1 qt FLINT .01 eggshell
1 qt FLINT .03 eggshell
1 qt DENIM .03 eggshell
Level + Pencil
Painter’s tape
Roller set up
Paint brush
Craft paper

The easiest way to create this pattern is to first make a stencil . On a piece of craft paper, start by drawing a rectangle with the following dimensions: 12” wide x 30” tall. Then 6”down from top and 6” up from bottom draw diagonal lines to make the points of your picket.

Break out the paint and roll a basecoat of CHALK .01.

Using your level, draw a straight vertical line from floor to ceiling. Take your stencil and trace an interlocking pattern across your wall.

Time for tape! Mask off each one of the pickets – we found it easiest to do one vertical row at a time.

Seal the tape for a perfect edge. Get the deets on this pro tip here.

Bust out the color and start painting your pickets! Here is the color order we chose for this pattern.

DONE! Enjoy your new Picket Pattern Wall, Faceted Butte Pendant…and your breakfast!