Autumn – that magical season, ablaze with color, when things naturally begin to slow down. The days are shorter, the air is crisp, and we can take respite by the fire with a warm cup of homemade soup. It is a time of preparing for winter, canning and preserving the bounty of the harvest, gathering seeds, and planning next year’s garden.

Colorhouse green Chalkboard paint farm table in a kitchen

Inspired by the Farm to Table movement, we will show you a few creative ways to use Colorhouse Chalkboard paint in your garden shed or behind your potting table in today’s MAKE THIS post. All you will need is 1 qt of Colorhouse Chalkboard GLASS .05 and your green thumb!

Lynn Morgan family garden in Hyden, Kentucky

Gardening was and still is a central part of my family’s life. Growing up in Hyden, Kentucky, a rural town of less than 500 people, it was a necessity rather than the hobby it is for me now. Farm to Table wasn’t a trend, it was our way of life. Everyone was expected to contribute in the planting, weeding, hoeing, harvesting, and preserving so we would have food on the table come winter.

Lynn Morgan Great Granddad Millard Filmore Morgan

Great Granddad Millard Filmore Morgan

My great-grandmother gifted 60 acres to my grandparents as their wedding gift. My 99 year old grandmother lives there still, in her tiny home they built in the 60’s, leaving behind the log cabin my granddad built when they married back in 1930. My parents are still there too, and are the keepers of the land, the orchard, and the home I grew up in. It is a place where time truly does stand still. My family continues grow mostly everything they eat, and the old ways are very much alive and well on this Kentucky land.

Colorhouse green Chalkboard paint farm table in a kitchen

Our Colorhouse harvest table is packed with goodness and rich with my family history: heirloom tomatoes grown from the seeds of the fruit my dad has been planting for over forty years, concord grapes that started from my great grandfather’s 150 year old vines, great-grandmother’s six-week bean and half-runner bean seeds. She dried and saved the seeds for winter ‘shucky bean’ soup and of course next year’s garden.

Colorhouse green Chalkboard paint farm table in a kitchen

More than a century and three generations later, I do the same. The plow blade and horse collar in these photos were my granddad’s. He used his pony, Cocoa, to turn the rich, loamy soil in his garden. As a child, I would walk behind him as he plowed, barefoot, happy toes in the loose, black dirt. When I close my eyes, I can still smell it.

Colorhouse green Chalkboard paint farm table in a kitchen

Use your chalkboard as a reminder for your Harvest Party. Gather your friends to celebrate the season. Have a seed exchange. A recipe swap. Make jam together. And above all, share the bounty.

– Written by Lynn Morgan, Color Nerd

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