Happy New Year from the Colorhouse Crew! 

We did some freestyling in the studio with blue painter’s tape and some of our favorite Colorhouse hues.Make This: 2016 Wall Mural 1

Using a level and pencil, we drew a 2′ x 4′ rectangle and freehanded our 2016 numbers inside of it.

Make This: 2016 Wall Mural 2

With some slightly smaller 1/2″ blue painter’s tape, we broke up the inside of each of the numbers for some geometric fun!

Make This: 2016 Wall Mural 3

We sealed the edges of the tape with a mini roller dipped in the base coat color BISQUE .02 to ensure perfectly straight and crisp lines (our favorite pro tip).

Make This: 2016 Wall Mural 6

On our blank canvas, we filled in the shapes hidden in each of the numbers with NOURISH .06, PETAL .04, DREAM .06, METAL .05,  and AIR .07 (our Color of the Year!).

Make This: 2016 Wall Mural 7

Light some sparklers, drink some champagne, and let’s CHEERS to a colorful new year!