Colorhouse Transforms your House into a Home.

Colorhouse paint color FLINT .01. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Meet Sarah. Sarah is a family law attorney, avid hiker, and self-proclaimed bookworm. When Sarah bought her NE Portland cottage last summer, she wanted to transform the intensely-painted house into a peaceful oasis.

Colorhouse paint hues FLINT .01, SEED .04, WOOL .02, and Blossom. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

With rooms painted every color of the rainbow- bright yellows, green, and blues- Sarah enlisted the help of Colorhouse Color Nerds to help her with the zen-like transformation. Colors from left to right: FLINT .01, SEED .04, WOOL .02, Blossom from the Arhaus Collection.

Colorhouse paint color FLINT .01. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Sarah wanted to maintain the traditional feel of the home, but punch it up with more modern, colorful elements. By choosing cool and contemporary FLINT .01 for the walls, Sarah was halfway to achieving her design goals. This all-over hue sits back and lets her furniture, rugs, and textiles come forward.

The beautiful, original trim work was in pristine condition, and bright white IMAGINE .01 was the chosen hue on this detail.

Colorhouse paint color FLINT .01. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

A view from the dining room into the living room reveals a soft, relaxing, open space- a far cry from the bright colors that were originally in the space! This vibe is just what Sarah was looking for in her new home.

Colorhouse paint color FLINT .01. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Bringing the light grey FLINT .01 into the kitchen created a sense of flow from the dining room. Sarah painted the top of her dining room table sage SEED .04 to match the pantry. This color acts as a bookend from dining to kitchen.

Colorhouse paint color FLINT .01. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Sarah’s kitchen is light and bright- a dreamy spot to perfect any recipe. White IMAGINE .01 cabinets and glistening subway tile create a blank canvas for culinary masterpieces. Sarah decided to keep the airy grey FLINT .01 on the walls, keeping the space open and expansive.

Colorhouse paint color SEED .04. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

The cute and quaint pantry off the kitchen was just begging for color! Vintage, muted green SEED .04 was the perfect choice. This green is designed with grey undertones, creating harmony when paired with black and white. It rides the line between a traditional sage and a contemporary Scandinavian hue.

Colorhouse paint color AIR .03. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Sarah wanted a BOHO vibe in her guest bedroom to pair with her Grandma’s vintage bedroom set. Warm white AIR .03 on the walls stands apart just enough from the bedroom set, but keeps the room monochromatic. Casual textures and natural objects complete the look.

Colorhouse paint color Blossom by Arhaus. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Sarah wanted an updated and sophisticated version of the pink hue she had in her room as little girl for her office. She chose Blossom form the Arhaus collection. This color has just enough grey to act as a neutral, and just enough brightness to feel lighthearted and feminine.

Colorhouse paint color WOOL .02. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Sarah wanted the focal point of her master bedroom to be the hand-crafted, dark walnut bed frame from The Joinery. With help from Colorhouse Color Nerds, she landed on soft and sky-like WOOL .02 for the walls. This color is a whisper of grey and blue- perfect for sleeping spaces.

Colorhouse paint color WOOL .02. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Sweet dreams are on the horizon in this restful bedroom, painted with dreamy blue/grey WOOL .02. A sophisticated palette of pastels comes together in the textiles, whitewashed nightstands, and rose gold lamps.

Colorhouse paint color METAL .05. Photo by Colorhouse paint.

Go dark in small spaces! Rich charcoal METAL .05 shines when paired with bright white IMAGINE .01 on the trim in Sarah’s bath. Instead of making a room feel small, dark colors on walls can add drama, contrast, and a big dose of coziness to interiors. GO BOLD!

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