A gender neutral nursery doesn’t have to be boring. Combine various shades of brown, grey, and white can create a soothing sleep space for your little one, and add a touch of sophistication.

Colorhouse Neutral Nurseries - Calm Hues for Baby's Room

Brown .01 and Brown .02 from the Canvas Color Collection create a warm, 2-toned backdrop in this nursery. Add some fun with Blue .04 and Blue .05 triangles and a Pattern Casual quilt from Land of Nod.

Colorhouse Neutral Nurseries - City Mural DIY Project

Add some urban cool to a nursery with this Cityscape DIY Mural from YouthfulNest. Layer cool greys METAL .03 + METAL .04 with chill blues WOOL .01 + WATER .02 on the crisp skyscrapers. Balance with softness from Land of Nod’s Cotton Candy quilt.

Colorhouse Neutral Nurseries - Subtle Stripe DIY Project

Get all warm and fuzzy with alternating off white and gold stripes. Add a tiny hint of green for an old school gender neutral pattern. Create this same color combination with AIR .01, AIR .02, STONE .01, GLASS .02, and GLASS .03. Complete the cuteness with Baby Georgia and her Sheepish bedding from Land of Nod.

Loving Georgia’s adorable bonnets? Find them at Briar Handmade. Plus, Puj’s dual purpose Hug towel is a must have in any nursery.

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