Vicki Simon, of Vicki Simon Interior Design, is collaborating with us on our Colorspot series featuring current color trends. This month’s Colorspot is WATER .04. Read on to see how Vicki uses this color and other shades of blue in her interiors.

Colorhouse Rough Edge Wall DIY painting project - WATER .04 blue entry

Working with a light blue in an interior is like bringing the outside in. I am reminded of the beach and the sky when I use blue in interiors. A hue so ubiquitous in nature, blue is very easy to work with because it harmonizes beautifully with natural materials. It’s not just for baby boy’s rooms anymore.

I remember a point in my career when I couldn’t imagine using blue in an interior. Standard Royal Blue reminded me of corporate logos and sports teams – not distinctive or sophisticated enough to use in residential interiors. Then, about 5 years ago, I began getting inspired by blue after having a dream about the big comeback of “powder blue” in the form of boucle rayon yarn. In addition to being an interior designer, I am also as a rug designer, which helps explain the dream. Blue in interiors can work, especially in complex hues like that of WOOL .06 with its grey component, or WATER .04 with the addition of green in it.

Colorhouse Rough Edge Wall DIY painting project - WOOL .06 blue living room Vicki Simon Interior Design - light and bright kitchen

Now, use of blue in all hues is very on trend. In my own home, I have variations of blue hues throughout my mostly neutral aesthetic. My kitchen has Colorhouse WATER .02 painted on the French doors that lead to my garden, a perfect transition from inside to outside.

Vicki Simon Interior Design - rustic bathroom with blue sink

In my tiny Victorian bathroom, another bold stroke of aqua blue can be found in this vintage sink. A truly rare find – I fought over this at the architectural salvage store because I simply had to have it! Don’t you agree?

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– Vicki Simon