Vicki Simon, of Vicki Simon Interior Design, is collaborating with us on our Colorspot series featuring current color trends. This month’s Colorspot is PETAL .04. Read on to see how Vicki uses this color and other shades of pink in her interiors.

Colorhouse PETAL .04 hot pink DIY half wall technique, styled by Vicki Simon

The term hot pink or an older moniker “shocking” pink was coined by the surrealist Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973) who was regarded as one of the most prominent fashion designers along with rival Coco Chanel between the two world wars. It was in 1936 that she launched a perfume called Shocking! sold in a bottle in the shape of a torso inspired by Mae West. The packaging was shocking pink, which become one of Schiaparelli’s signature colors. Hot pink is still considered bold today, especially in interiors.

Vicki Simon Interiors - pink living room Colorhouse PETAL .04

I used a shock of PETAL .04 hot pink in this interior to add a bright pop to an otherwise sedate color scheme– the type of coloristic surprise that makes the difference between noticeable and un-noticed. In this living room, the PETAL .04 accent wall acted as an anchor to the client’s artwork. It also tied into the textiles in the room, as both the striped chair and pillows on the dark leather sofa have splashes of magenta.

Vicki Simon Interiors pink tween bedroom Colorhouse paint SPROUT .06

Or, light pink SPROUT .06 , used as a theme in this pre-teen’s bedroom, shows softer hues can be more than just an accent. Instead, I used it as an overall background for a secondary color, like the mint green used here. My client wanted a color combination that felt “dream-like”, so we painted the walls and vintage furniture pieces in pinks and greens to suit her vision. Colorhouse has a few mint green options in varying values that pair nicely with SPROUT .06. Check out THRIVE .04, WATER .01, and AIR .05.

Vicki Simon Interiors pink tween bedroom Colorhouse paint

To see more of Vicki’s work, visit her website.