Come get comfortable with us as we explore Color Trend 2015 – Homespun Hues. In this palette we bring it back home by incorporating subtle Americana influences. The Made in America movement is strong, and we find ourselves looking for “Made Here” labels on the products we purchase. Weave together flea market finds with hand-crafted designer furniture for a look that’s both casual and luxurious, soft and simple, and intentionally unsophisticated. Use Colorhouse hues AIR .01, AIR .03, WOOD .04 and WOOL .06 to create a Homespun feel in your home.

Colorhouse paint Color Trend - Homespun Hues

All Colorhouse products are proudly Made in the USA. Our paint is made in the only LEED Gold paint manufacturing in Phoenix, Arizona and shipped using SmartWay carriers whenever possible.

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