In our Paint for the People and the Planet video, we reached out Portland design firm Laundry Studio to help us create a giant Paint-by-Number mural. We wanted an image that captured the spirit of Colorhouse’s tagline – Making the World More Colorful and Less Volatile. Read on for a glimpse into the design process of lead designer Jennifer Stady as she created the colorful and playful landscape of our Paint-by-Number mural!

One of Laundry’s trademark styles came from many years of combining a love of very realistic drawing with a more intuitive and playful style. We always start by doing a lot of research and looking at whatever it is that is to be the subject matter in the illustration; in this case it was a very happy place that is full of nature’s wonders but that isn’t tied to a distinct geographic place.

Colorhouse paint mural by Laundry Studio

After spending time looking at all types of peaceful and inspiring landscapes, we let our hands and minds interpret that in a less literal way, allowing one element to lead to another in a very organic and free-spirited way. After the sketching process was complete and our friends at Colorhouse were happy with the direction we scanned the drawing and began the process of simplification and refinement in Adobe Illustrator.

Colorhouse paint mural by Laundry Studio

At this point we added colors that were chosen from their wide array of paint colors. For this project, since the end result was being painted by a team of all ages for the video, we kept simplifying the elements to almost their most basic form so that the experience of painting and making the video would be easy, accessible and fun.

Colorhouse paint mural by Laundry Studio

Our favorite part of designing this mural was when we were working on the sky and incorporating the sun, its rays, with the clouds and birds. Those particular shapes and the way they all came together happened effortlessly which is a wonderful treat when you are creating an illustration that is about making your world more colorful. Colorhouse’s colors were easy to use here because there are so many beautiful shades of blues, greens and yellows. Our favorites that we absolutely had to use were ASPIRE .02, THRIVE .03, THRIVE .05 and DREAM .04. Once we had those in the illustration, everything else just fell into place naturally. – Jennifer Stady, Laundry Studio

Colorhouse ASPIRE .02 yellow paint color Colorhouse THRIVE .03 green paint color Colorhouse THRIVE .05 green paint color Colorhouse DREAM .04 blue paint color

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