We’re Bee-lievers in local honey.

Colorhouse and Bee Local - Portland-based artisanal honey

When designing our Handcrafter Color Collection, we drew inspiration from tradesmen/women and their craft. From woodworkers, glass blowers, welders, potters and beekeepers, their dedication to time-honored work that transforms and manipulates raw materials into something functional and beautiful is to be honored.

Colorhouse and Bee Local - honey hues inpsired paint color palette

One of our six Handcrafter Color Collection families, BEESWAX, honors the intrepid honeybee – one of the hardest working creatures on the planet – and beekeepers, who help us appreciate the bees’ jobs of filling our garden with flowers and putting food on our table. Here, in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, we turned to Bee Local for an education and taste of this craft.

Bee Local honey - artisanal honey from Portland, OR

Bee Local offers terroir-based artisanal honey varieties. Their mission is to produce and source only the healthiest, unique and flavorful honey while supporting sustainable beekeeping by education, support and direct trade. Their unique micro-batch offerings have complex flavor profiles that reflect the forage and flavor in specific neighborhoods and regions. Bee Local honey is embraced by numerous award winning chefs for unique creations that add to the urban farming conversation.

Colorhouse and Bee Local - artisanal honey and biscuits from Pine State Biscuits

“Believe it or not, some of the best honey these days is produced on city rooftops,” said Bee Local Founder Damian Magista. “Honey color is a result of the floral nectars that go into it and can range from nearly colorless to a rich, clear brown. With this, its flavor varies from delicate and mild to distinctively bold, depending on where the bees have foraged.”

Our honey education inspired the six soft and tranquil BEESWAX hues found in our Handcrafter palette. With a closer look, you’ll see the lightness of honeycomb, the richness of honey and the warmth of candles.

Colorhouse DIY paint project - Honeycomb Hues Wall with hues from the Colorhouse yellow Beeswax family

In preparation for upcoming hive installations, the Bee Local team recently painted more than 120 bee boxes* with hues from our BEESWAX palette. Our paint helps seal the natural wood and, soon, colonies of honeybees will come and go from their new hives painted with Colorhouse.

Colorhouse and Bee Local - hives painted with Colorhouse paint

How sweet is that?!

Lovin’ this Honeycomb Wall? Learn how to MAKE IT here.

*Colorhouse paints are formulated for interior use only. Our paint is ok to use on fun, small-scale exterior projects like Bee Local hives, but is not recommended for standard exterior use.