AphroChic's Hunterfly from the Brooklyn in Color Collection - Colorhouse

by guest bloggers Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason from AphroChic.

Every hue in our Brooklyn In Color collection has a story. From soft, steely blues, to warm white and delicate grays, each color has an intriguing back story. The starting point for each shade became an important part of the story – how will this color enhance an interior? What makes it special and different from other paint colors? For this sophisticated palette, three shades were chosen – Hunterfly, Boathouse, and Skyline. Each hue with a unique story that provides a backdrop to the interior design of this space.

Colorhouse Spring Color Trend hues from the Aphrochic collection

With hues representing iconic architectural and cultural moments in Brooklyn, Hunterfly is a unique shade that has a bit of history to it. The light shade of blue is named for the Hunterfly Road Houses in Brooklyn, New York. The homes were part of the affluent, free African American community of Weeksville – in what is now Crown Heights – in the decades before the Civil War. The color absolutely shines when married with Boathouse. A warm white, the color is reminiscent of the shade found on the iconic boathouse in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The final hue in the palette, Skyline, is reminiscent of city mornings, when the skyline peeks through New York’s gray fog.

Colorhouse Spring Color Trends pinterest board with Aphrochic

In this living area, our inspiration was to create a space where each shade works together effortlessly, and is echoed again in the furnishings. Pieces from The Mine are the perfect accents to these hues. A tufted settee in linen adds to the contemporary mix. A side table in dark gray adds contrast to this palette’s lighter colors. Soft pattern grounds the space with Flor’s Countryside Tea floor tile. The final accents, a set of tea jars, make perfect vases for sprigs of spring blossoms. The room is a study in neutrals, and how they can play together beautifully when just a little bit of color is added to the mix. It also brings us back to the history behind Hunterfly, and the affluent homes that represented freedom for so many.