2016 Color Trends: Quiet colors that whisper welcome to the new year.

We are excited to share our 2016 Color Trend Lookbook with you. This book highlights 3 Colorhouse hues that we see on the horizon for the upcoming year.

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AIR .07 Purple Bedroom DIY by Colorhouse

AIR .07 is a hue that sits between pink and purple, both colors that typically suggest youth and femininity. However, when a touch of grey fuses these two hues together, a sophisticated, androgynous color emerges. We are seeing a shift from hard lines to soft edges in our views on sexuality and gender. AIR .07 reflects this new openness through the embrace of a complex simplicity and a beauty in being.

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Colorhouse GLASS .02 - green wall with checkered pencil lines DIY

GLASS .02 is a gentle grey/green that does not need a filter to be beautiful. In our world of selfies and staged photos, we long for glimpses of real life. On our faces, lines speak of wisdom, not age. In our homes, heirloom pieces made of quality materials like wood, metal, and leather are cherished, not discarded. Authenticity tells our true story. It says who we are, where we came from, and gives hints to where we are going. It shows a life in motion, not a freeze frame suggestion of perfection.

Learn how to MAKE THIS: Pencil Line Pattern.

Colorhouse DIY Nursery and painted dresser

BISQUE .02 is a blank backdrop. In a child’s room, this warm white creates a neutral space for identity to take root and creativity to grow. Add inspiration through pops of color and promote play with happy hues. As new families begin, parents make conscious decisions about what to eat and what to bring into the home. Organic foods, natural detergents, and green products support the health of our little ones and our planet. For this generation, sustainability is no longer a movement but a way of life. Using technology as a tool, a colorful reality is being brought into focus, crafted from a place of hope and possibility.

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